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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  February 11, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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few. >> i am the most conservative governor running. >> appeal to the conservatives, the republican candidates preparing for their next primary what could happen in the next few days before south carolina to give one candidate a leg up. thedemocrats get their chance to make their case tonight during their debate in milwaukee, we'll have details coming up. at 5:00, we have a frost advisory had us freezing here. >> weather alert, absolutely talked about this yesterday and upper 20s this morning. notice theblues further south, and away from the moderating gulf of mexico there. >> if you are right along the morning. the rest of us may have to scrape a little frost off of the windshield there. >> we'll begin to warm things up as far as temperatures
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currentreadings at 32 and brooksville and those are areas that are hitting in freezing. it will go in the 20sabout an hour or so. >> right along the coast in the 40s. watch happens as we head into lunch without the wind today, it is going to recover nicely. for your afternoon andcommute, we are looking at low 60s and still below normal and a decent recovery after a frigid start. so, the cars are not used to this at this part of the world here. >> once you get in your car, you are in good shape. >> a couple of fender bender there. hil post it on twitter. we'll check with lindsay logue
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lindsay. >> reporter: we are in wesley chapel right now. not quite that cold here. upper 30s and pushing 40s. when you can see your breath, safe to say it is cold outside. it is not that bad if you are going to be going from your house to your car and right into work. if you are outside this morning for a long period of time or definitely need to dress for were out all night long looking for people on the job, these are construction workers, i-275 on the massive project, they're all bundled up this morning in their sweatshirts and hoodies. >> make sure you have a jacket especially for kids at the bus
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maybe ascarves. i have only been out here five or six minutes but definitely my legs are chilly. temperatures will start to warm up by lunchtime and this is also really a good time to check in with your elderly neighbors and family members and especially those without heat. we'll be out hereall morning long checking out the current temperatures for you. either looking ahead, i thinkit is safe to say we have a good share of winter. >> any idea when that's going to happen. >> we'll work on that temperature. the bigdifference is the wind. we don't have the wind outthere so the windchills will be in the 20s. >> as soon as we get sunshine, things do warm up this afternoon. dress in layers today. 30s and 40s. i will have the warm up in just a few minutes.
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wheel of our live drive cam. >> traffic is moving and up to speed and no wheel crashes or break downs to tell you about. >> express way is blocking the lane with traffic this light is not causing any problems what so ever. all right, here is a live look behind me at i-4 heading into tampa at a 22 minutes drive from the lakeland area into downtown and looking great. neardowntown tampa, here we are, 275 is up to speed right now and six minute to get from here down to the howard franklin bridge and interstates are looking great. >> i-4 and i-75 into the tampa bay area. >> 5:04 now. >> coming down the wire, the month's long standoff at the wild refuge will end today. >> remaining armed protesters
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the group will leave weapons in their car and walk one by one to an fbi check point all while carrying an american flag. >> authorities arrested clyde bundy and his son was charged last month after a shoot out with authorities left another protester dead. a family is hoping be reunited an antique wooden box. inside, were the ashes of the loved ones. >> a crook smashed a window on tuesday and broke in and got some games and jewelry and that antique wooden jewelry box. that box has the ashes of the loved ones. >> i hate you, you violated my
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i still have faith in humans beings. i would like tomeet that person, i hope that person rot in hell because of what they took from me. i cannot get itback. if you have any information that may help,call the pasco sheriff's office. relief may not be insight for a long time for a pasco county neighborhood prone to this type of flooding condition. residents decided to bring up the issue. the homes in in the neighborhood constantly flooding through heavy rains. the countywants to fix the roads and talk about flooding. many things they should be doing the other way around >> they are going to turn around the pave new roads and we'll be sitting here looking at it under water. >> now, the price tag to fix tr issues fix the price tag issue
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>> county officials say they don't have the money to cover it. >> this is just one of 100 neighbors facing similar problems. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders will faceoff tonight. the debate starts at 9:00. >> bernie sanders is in a role. >> his campaign raised $5 million in just 24 hours. >> hillary clinton was also in new york and her campaign is flushing sander's record on issues facing minorities. hillary clinton is highlighting gun control, criminal justice and civil rights sanders' argue that the more voters learn about him, the more he will embrace his economics.
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>> i don't think there is any doubt that he wants hillary clinton to win the nomination and believes that she would be the best candidate in the fall. >> clinton previously discussed her close relationships with president obama. and she alsoattacked sanders for acriticizing the president. here is a look at the tweets, the former hue let er hewlhewlett-pakard wrote. >> she finished seventh in the primaries. she was adanger in missing the cut this saturday. >> fiorina's farewell says she
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settle in the way things are. >> that's chris christie announced he's suspending his campaign. >> those drop outs are pleasing news to other candidates. >> donald trump who won big in new hampshire has as smaller pool of candidates are a goo thing. >> carly and christie and so without them, we are getting down to pretty good numbers here. >> we are getting down ton low numbers. >> trump is in south carolina, that state hols its primary on the 20th of thi month >> rubio is hoping to hit his strike after a disappointment finish in new hampshire. >> i feel good there, we have a great team there and our national security and military. i have a recordif not better than anyone in this race.
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thank you very much >> jeb bush is also in south carolina. it is goingto be a quote, blood bath between the two candidates. >> kasich is the one to watch. >> signing that bill may help kasich with conservatives of the primaries. >> temperatures this morning, they continue to drop and we are looking at upper 20s and. >> the rest of us is looking at a frost advisory, we'll have the latest on temperatures and when we'll expect of a warm up the next 50 days. that'sstraight ahead. >> it is 5:10 and coming up, this moment happening during a live broadcast heading in new york news room and sheer panic.
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concerns of other reports. >> how authorities say she managed to sneak that money
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here is another look of
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like a silver handgun behind a reporter. asthat reporter was giving a live update on a trial. police say the suspect could be charged once and if they catch him. we are expecting a verdict today in the o' connell's trial. >> her oaks boyfriend justin, earlier testified that he watched o' connell choked her three years old sonson. >> both are charged with the murder. >> lackey as pleaded guilty in this case. a weather alert is more of the cold temperatures we have 41 at clear water and temperatures continue to tumble at this hour. 32 right now. >> and there it is, bartow dropping at 32.
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and across our north, major coast looking at a freeze warning at citrus and hernando and that's up through 9:00. >> temperatures is holding in the upper 20s and 30s. >> kurt sicourtesy of high pressure setting things up a chilly over night here. there will be a difference tonightas we begin to see more of a wind out there and that'll help us out coming in out of tonight's temperatures are not as cold. waking up friday morning, we'll have temperatures certainly not in the 30s at this point. >> mid to upper 60s for today. that's a nicerecovery. with that head start, we are looking attemperature in the 40s as we head into tomorrow. >> let's break down our seven- day forecast, highs will be around 70 degrees. we'll be in the upper60s. first part of your weekend, is not that chilly.
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hightemperatures in the 60s. in time for the next workweek, showers back in the forecast and temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. let'scheck in on photographic right now. traffic right now. >> look at what he found, it is so cold. he foundsome people gathered farmers market, gathered around the fire. anything you can do to keep warm thismorning or if you need to get in your car and turning on those seat warmers like i did this morning >> here is a live look at the howard franklin bridge, all right, i have some good news for you, they have opened up the trans from lewis avenue. they had that are closed for about ten months for construction out there. they just reopened this yesterday and enjoy. that's going to save people a lot of time getting on lewis there.
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through the drive time area, 6 minutes to the i-4 and 5 minute in the opposite direction. a woman is under arrest charged with grand theft. she stole $100, 000 of dollars. >> this woman was arrested yesterday. they beganarresting her back in august after - reported that authorized money had been taken from the 96 years old woman. >> the theft occurred between
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$460, 000 being stolen from that victim. teachers is getting readyto head out to work. one in citrus county issitting at home of unpaid leave right now to be accused of questionable behavior.
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>> it is hard to say there is not going to be any alcohol or something there. still ahead, the moment the customer pulled out her gun. the friendly skies are getting friendlier. >> we find out the last time you were paying this little for a fund >> first, this morning, if ru worried about rising interest rates. good news into today's business headlines. we'll have the details. plus, hot dogs are coming to a drive-thru near you. some cautions from the feds. interest rateincreases maybe delayed. that's because of theturmoil in the global market >> gold is up nearly 15%. more automaker isrecalling vehicles on those defective air bags. >> mbw is recalling vehicles of takata air bags. >> 24 million vehicle in the u.s. have been recalled. burger king is adding hot dogs to itsmenu. >> grilled dog will be going nationwide on the 30th of this month. >> chilly cheese dog at $2. 29.
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well, no one likes a bad haircut but you figured it will grow out. >> a woman tried to shoot a barber because she was not happy with the cut.
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a little while later. >> her gone was loaded when she pull td trigger ed the trigger yesterday but luckily it malfunctioned. >> she erased everything i did and mess it up with an razo and came back. look what you did to myhair. >> they held her until police came. something you won't be angry about, the cost of flying. the transportation department domesticflights cost to a six years low. >> airline tickets fail of 6%. >> expansion of low cost airlines and plunging jet fuel cost. coming up at 5:30. your next vacation of anywhere in the world of dropping cost, it is for completely reasons. we'll tell you how big the discount are.
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we'll have so far in my life. >> an unwanted and scary adventure at seas. we'llhear from passengers how bad things got from their cruise ship ran into the storm. >> live right there in roseville and bartow and personnel lows county. up top speed from bridge to bridge.
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